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Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Crazy Days, Coupon Codes & More!

Christmas Season is here!!!
I've been away for a bit being a busy mom of an even busier 4 year old! 
Homeschooling is AWESOME, but trying to balance teaching, crafting, photo taking, online business stuff, volunteering & looking into "real" Christian homeschooling curriculums for next year when I have to teach my little's insane. 

Oh, I forgot to mention a huge thing...I'm dieting

Not really dieting in the sense that I'm depriving myself from the Holiday treats that come with Life-team potlucks, Holiday feasts, and free samples at Sam's Club (yummy!). 
I'm hoping that this will be a life-changing way of eating, for me. I've lost a little over 70 pounds (whoo-hoo!) since I've started this fat-smashing journey 4 years ago, but I'm ready to hop back on the wagon & lose about 70 more. My motivation? Valentines Day. Hehe...
Oh to fit my sexy black dress from when I was 17 years old and had a figure like Jane Russell. But I digress.

So how have everyone's Holiday madness been? Thanksgiving for my family was super awesome, as usual. I made my huge Turkey dinner from scratch, like I have all 6.5 years of my marriage. My husband doesn't give me nearly as many props as I'd like, so I'm taking a second (or two) to shower myself with accolades. :-D
My food is "da bomb" (for lack of a better adjective), and this year we got to share our holiday with Kim, our  Life-team's babysitter and my good friend. She made the day extra special and I had a buddy to pig out with after my hubby left for work that evening. =)
Nope, this is NOT my actual dinner table. Dont' feel like uploading pics now. :-)
So now I'm listing more Christmas hair-bows & tutus on my Etsy site and have been Blessed to gift some of my hair treats out at last week's Life-team meeting gift swap! It was so much fun to see the ladies fuss over who would get the hair bows. *sigh* I cannot wait to have a little girl... from my heart to God's ears.

   Christmas shopping is almost over...NOT. I have so many more family members and friends to get things or make things for. But the great thing about this season is the real reason we celebrate it. St. Nick was a great guy and all and he has his place in our home as the "sweet man who gave gifts to kids". We, as Christians, tells our kiddo that Santa is God's helper. He gives out gifts to kids to celebrate the birth of Jesus, since we can't physically give Jesus a gift. My son LOVES this idea! He even asked me if Santa was a Christian! What could I say, but a man that goes about Blessing people with kindness must believe in God. ;-)
This Holiday season, as we run from store to store chasing sales & clearance items, listening to Christmas carols on repeat until you'd like to throw the DJ over a (short) cliff, hurriedly wrapping your family's gifts before they burst through the door and spoil the surprise, remember the true meaning of Christmas. 

We are celebrating the birth of the one who lived and died for us. And we are reminded by our families smiling faces, the Blessing of having loved ones...and being loved.

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas from our home to yours,

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