Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Life in the Mom Lane: A Prayer for Sanity

Hi beautiful mommas! I haven't blogged in a bit, so I decided that if I was going to take time out of my recently very busy days, I'd better make this post poignant & really relative to my readers. Well, honestly, I am all tuckered out after telling (and a smidgen of yelling) at my five year old to brush his teeth and go to bed. I have Rush Order tutus that need to go out in the morning which will require me pulling another all-nighter. And I still have to get the dishes done, two baskets of laundry put away and put my son's homeschool work for tomorrow in his task folder. So instead of trying to give advice or say something witty, I have decided to post this totally awesome prayer that I found on Polly & Rachel's blog: thrivinghomeblog.com. Sometimes, a faith-filled momma's tank gets a little depleted and she needs a little bit of prayer to renew her mind, become refreshed and ready for another full and Blessed day. :-)
~ Chel

The Music of Loose Ends
 Heavenly Father,
You said “always.” Always give thanks- always and for everything. You said to keep the music of thanksgiving always playing in my heart. Today, I give thanks in Jesus’ name for what I usually complain about, for what I can’t seem to control or change, for all the daily indignities of raising kids:
- For things that break or get broken all the time, and things that break on first use, and for the broken things that require expensive repair or replacement: Today I see that these are reminders that You are giving my family an eternal treasure in heaven that will never break or fade away (Matt. 6:20).
- For things stained, smudged, smeared, fingerprinted, spilled on, even for those unnamable stickynessess in strange places: Today I will bear with such messes with renewed patience because they remind me that it is the inside of us that matters. You have washed our hearts to purest white by the mercies of Your daily love and eternal salvation (Ps. 51:7)
- For things unemptied, unreplaced, unclosed, unreturned, unkempt, unfound, and unfinished: Today these loose ends of our family life reassure me that our family is called to a destiny where only a few things really matter (Luke 10:42).
-For things ugly, plain, common, cheap, chipped, and dented: Today I see these sometimes-embarrassing belongings of a family for what they are- proof that a miracle is under way here. And You, Lord of all, choose to dwell here with us (Ps. 144:3).
- For noises day and night, and loud music, and loud noise that passes for music: Today I offer this racket to You as the praise of “everything that has breath” in this house (Ps. 150:6), and thank You with each decibel of devotion.
-For interrupted meals, unfinished conversations with friends, unfinished reading, neglected hobbies and projects, and for the fading memories of many small, grown-up luxuries: Today I remember that in His ministry, Jesus said that children were the most welcome interruption of all and the real business of heaven (Matt. 19:14).
O Father, accept my list of ordinary parenting annoyances as the holy music of my thankful heart today, for I sing in Jesus’ name.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fantastic Fan Friday Giveaway 10-5-12!!

Who doesn't love to hear this: "T.G.I.F."?? Either it means your are going out to dinner and are going to have some yummy food at the famed restaurant, or people are just excited because it is the end of the week!
I personally LOVE the end of the week, because my hubby & I have date-night, i.e. Family Night since our son comes with us (fun times). In honor of making it through another great homeschooling week, we PARTY!!! Oh well, we go to Chilis or IHOP and indulge in some goodies before going home to watch a Disney movie together.
For my dear Fans, it means another one of my boutique treats is up for grabs!

To win this awesome hairbow headband, which is PERFECT for the Fall, enter the giveaway below.
Have a great weekend & God Bless!

~ Chel XOXO

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Midweek Madness!

Hola, Namaste, Ni Hao...ok, HELLO! :-D
Hope that everyone is having a very Blessed week, so far. I know that the craziness of life can make our days filled with smiles, frowns, tears, and laughter. I'm hoping that this coupon code will bring Joker-esque smiles to everyone's face. Coupon codes are a great way to get a once in a blue moon sale just for you.
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Write the code down, study it, take a pic of it, save it to your cell, whatever you have to do and shop between 6pm-9pm to get this deal!!!

Enjoy & God Bless,
XO ~ Chel

Ruffles Ribbons N Bows NEW YouTube Commercial!!! Tutu~Dress~Bows

Introducing our NEWEST commercial on YouTube featuring our Tutu Dresses & Tutus!
Now I know what your thinking: "Haven't you been selling tutus for a while now?"
Yep, I sure have, but my last YouTube commercial didn't reflect that, so Voila'! ;-)

Id like to thank all of the wonderful models and their mommies & photographers for these amazing photos, without which, my boutique would never be as great and this commercial would not be as cute!

So I'm spotlighting Little Diamond Models, the coolest listing agency ever! XO

Enjoy the commercial & have a Blessed day,

~ Chel

Monday, October 1, 2012

Congrats To Our Early Halloween Costume Giveaway Winner!!

Congrats to Ava Skye's Momager, who is the Blessed winner of the Early Halloween Costume Giveaway!! She will receive my vampire/Twilight-inspired tutu & hairbow set. I cannot wait to make this FANGtastic outfit for your little girl! Thanks to everyone who entered! As a consolation prize and treat to all of my followers, here is a coupon code for FREE shipping on your entire order. The code to be entered at checkout is: FREESHIP1
 Hope this helps! XOXO 

 Have a Blessed day, 

 ~ Chel