Friday, March 9, 2012

Facelifts & Fashion & Frosting, Oh My! :)

So I guess the word is out, so I might as well just come out & tell everybody the news about the facelift....


New Logo!
So now ya know. ;-) 

I'm feeling a bit HOT with my store's new LOOK. 
"I feel so pretty, picture perfect beautiful!"

Click, Flash! 
Thanks to Michelle at, we have a beautiful brand new logo & our Etsy store is totally revamped! Our new slogan is " Frosting & Flair, Sweetness You Wear!" 
You may even notice that the sections in my shop have been renamed as well:

~ Ribbons N' Royalty Tutus
~ Ruffles Truffles Tutus
~ Beautifully Basic Tutus
~ Happy Holiday Tutus
~ Delectable Bows
~ Belle Fleur Clips
~ Sweet Treat Headbands
~ Candied Hats
~ Scrumptious Bow Holders
~ Lil Cupcakes Crib Shoes

Its all about the "sweetness" with us! 
Be on the lookout for our Spring tutu dresses & Flower girl tutu gowns coming soon! 
Need a unique Easter dress that will blow everyone else out of the water???
Visit us in a week! Made to Order Easter Tutu Dresses will be available for sale!

In other news, there are some exciting things going on in my sister's lives that have me excited. So happy & feel so Blessed to have a great family & wonderful friends. 

Now for bed. My hubby's snoring is only SO bearable. ;-P

Thanks for sharing in my moment of elation & God Bless you & yours this weekend,

-`☆´- *´¨)
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… … (¸.•´… (¸.•` -`☆´-


Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's New With Me, What's New With RRNB?

OMGosh! Has it been that long since I've written a blog post??? My life hasn't been that busy...has it? 
Being Supermommy is a Blessing more often than not, but it's the 'not' times that make us question what the heck we are thinking half of the time. For instance, my hubby and I made the decision a long time ago to homeschool, which is awesome. We feel that God has led us to follow through on this course of Christ-centered education, so I'm happy I have a hubby who is on the same page as I am with that. Of course, since I'm the SAHM, I will primarily (and most certainly) be the one teaching our son & any children to come. But I don't really STAY home. As a matter of fact, having this Etsy business keeps me pretty busy during the day and most of the night, working often into the wee hours of the morning. And burning the candle at both ends doesn't prevent me from awaking at 8 a.m. and dragging through my home making breakfast, feeding our cats, feeding the neighborhood cat colonies (yes I DO help to trap/spay/neuter too), preparing our lesson for the day, checking emails, fiddling with social networks, writing my play & my christian childrens book series, dishes, housework, laundry, shopping/ to-do lists, phone calls, meet-ups/ playdates and spending quality time with my son...while petting the cats. Makes me want to just run off screaming down the street, like in a Looney Toons episode. Why CAN"T we just go Daffy Duck on our responsibilities? Moms deserve to have a mini breakdown and well as a mini vacation too!
Unfortunately, we don't get to do either. I always tell my mom, if I could go back into time & stop Eve from eating the forbidden fruit, I'd slap her one good for her part in the plight of women. However, on days like today, when the weather is above 80 degrees and I'm in my backyard taking photos of my little one riding his bike with the new helmet grandma sent him (adorable!), I'm reminded of my Blessings. 
I get to stay home and raise my son. How awesome is that? I get to nap once in a blue moon too. I also have some great pets and a hubby who works hard so that I can stay home & raise our kiddo. I'm in a new playgroup which seems absolutely awesome and we're about to join a christian homeschooling network of folks who can actually help me get the hang of this home educator thing. Whew! That is a lot! And I didn't even get to the part of my sweet extended  family, my best friends back home, my growing boutique business, going back to college in the fall and shedding 70 pounds. Sure I'd like more sleep and my house looks like we just got out of the Wizard of Oz tornado, but I'm getting there. With God's help ALL THINGS are possible, so I'm going to keep moving forward and being the best "me" possible. 
My Beautiful Family - Two year ago before I lost the 70 pounds! 

Arden 4 yrs old
Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows Boutique will be moving in a different direction. I've decided to focus primarily on tutus and tutu dresses. Oh sure, I'll still offer crib shoes, hairbows, bow holders, legwarmers, flower clips and more, but I'm figuring out more effective and unique ways to do so. Be on the lookout for our new look as well. We'll have a different logo and boutique look as well, so check back in with us in a week or two. 

We'll be offering Couture Easter tutu dresses, M2M Gymboree hairbows & tutu sets, and Unique themed tutu sets & tutu dresses. I'm looking forward to going on this fashion journey with you gals! :-)

Have a Blessed Day! XOXO

~ Chel

P.S. BONUS! Coupon code for Free Shipping: FREESHIP1 to use the entire month of March!