Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Mommy, I'll Crack The House!"

Hello all! 

I'm just writing a small note (we hope) about my crazy day today. First off, I have been down for the past 14 days with migraines, dizziness and other more gross symptoms that won't be mentioned here. I do have somewhat of a (rather non-existent) rep to maintain! Anywho, my much needed trip to the ER unearthed the truth behind my pain: Sinus Infection of the bacterial kind. So the great doctors of Centennial Medical Center sent me home (reeling from my whirlwind in & out, drive-thru-esque-visit), with Vicodin, Flonase, and anti-biotics. Well, after seeing the would-be bill for all of those name brand meds (well into the 200s the pharmacist giddily informed me), I decided to do the right thing and go generic. Perfect move! Brought the total of the meds way down. I decided not to get the Faux Flonase until a couple of days later, much to my own chagrin now. What was I thinking??? First off, today is my first official day keeping anything down. The Faux Vicodin decided to play footsie with my tummy everytime I took it (with food, mind you) and had my tummy both growling & lurching all day. AND since my unforgiving migraines kept me bed-ridden, and stuck with my sweet four-year-old watching Looney Tunes DVDS and Goosebumps episodes, I was ready to throw in the towel. 
But this morning, I found a new BFF called Flonase's Awesome Cousin, and have been almost pain free ever since. I dropped the Fake Vicodin and started taking my other new BFF, Faux Excedrin. Oh yes, meds can quickly become your true-blue-buds. Coupled with lots of prayer, they are the key to your speedy recovery.

Now I am back on the domestic job, I homeschooled for the first time in 14 days (whoo-hoo!) and pre-school lessons never sounded so sweet to my ears. Just to show you how cooped up Arden, my four-year-old had been because of my sickness, he was HAPPY to learn scripture and ABCs today! He actually ran up to me and said "Mommy, I want to do my lessons now, please!" Hallelujiah & Amen! 
So in conclusion what have we learned today?
1. Prescriptions are way too EXSPENSIVE!
2. Generic meds are just as effective at curing your ailments.
3. Medicine is my new BFF.
4. After 2 weeks of being cooped up in the house with a cranky momma, homeschooling is FUN!
5. The cats like to mimic their owners when they vomit, and do the same all over the house...
<TMI? Sorry, I had to say it ;-D>

Well...back to being an ordinary, juggling homemaker...
Really? C'mon!

OK, THIS is reality! ;-P

Night y'll!

Happy Napping...


~ M

Ummm...We're On YOUTUBE! =)

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Yes...I'm a bit dramatic. But isn't every Fashion-Lovin' Gal?

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~ Michelle
Owner: Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows Boutique

Sunday, September 4, 2011


So if you've been keeping up with us on Etsy, FB, or Twitter, you already know this. If not, here's some news:

Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows Boutique is now offering initial bow-holders, Tutu Sets, Crib Shoe Sets & Leg-Warmers!!! I am super-excited about this new chapter, and anxious to see what God has in store for this boutique. I've already sold my first tutu! And just so everyone knows, it took me a LONG stinkin' time to create and there is lots of TLC in it! LOL! I've been burning the candle at both ends making the bow holders too (4 a.m. is not a suitable bedtime). But, as my hubby James pointed out last night, I love what I do. It's that simple. And since I enjoy each and every item that I make, you can bet your sweet life that they will show in how pretty each item is!

I do need to get some shut-eye, though. Tomorrow is Labor Day and we're cleaning the entire house in the morning so that we can comfortably lay around it in the afternoon. Hopefully by 6 pm we'll be outside watching our four-year-old splash around in his kiddie pool (from Grandma, of course), and my hubby will be grilling up some turkey franks & turkey burgers! Yummy! 
Happy Holiday everyone!

Remember to be kind to others, especially on Labor Day. 
1 Timothy 5:8 For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The laborer is worthy of his reward.


~ Chel :)