Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday Treats: Giveaways, Announcements & Snow!

Well, It's that time of year again. Time for good little girls and boys to rub their hands together in anticipation of what Santa will bring them. Time to reflect on all that Christ has Blessed us with, in conjunction with celebrating His birth. Time for lovers to cuddle under mistletoe and families to traverse the wintry weather to visit with loved ones across the pond. Time for diets to go on hiatus and yummy, carbalicious dishes to go into our grateful tummies. Although I don't relish the cold (brrr! That's why I moved from MD to TX!), this is my FAVORITE time of year!!!
While our families are spread out from Maryland to Florida and some places in between, my hubby & I have created our own family traditions. One thing we are starting is our tree decorating nights filled with sparkling apple cider, egg nog, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and fun foods. It went over well this year, especially since we woke up to an icy, snow filled backyard the day of. My runny-nosed little one had a blast (cold or not, I couldn't say no) with my hubby in the snow. I had a blast indoors watching Hallmark Films. We all won on that day! ;-)
Lil' Stinker in our backyard playing in the snow!
Since this Holiday means so much to us, especially since our beliefs are founded upon Christmas Day itself, we'd like to give back to those who have given so much to us: you guys. Fans, Customers, Followers, Subscribers, family, friends...I am so thankful for the Blessing of YOU. In honor of that sentiment, RRNB is having a week-long giveaway, starting today and ending on Friday, Dec 13th at 11 p.m.
This is our Christmas Cutie Tutu set from the Happy Holidays Collection. it is a new arrival to the boutique and a favorite of mine. I'm so happy with the photos, which were provided by a model of Little Diamond Models (the best listing agency EVER). The tutu set colors are green, red & white, signature Yuletide colors. This set goes us to a size 5T for this giveaway, but if you'd like to purchase a larger size or to purchase this tutu set, click here to shop now.

Giveaway RULES: 
- Must be a Follower of our Facebook Page
- Must be a Follower of our Blog
- Must Share the photo (shown above) on our Facebook Page
- Must Comment below the photo each time that you share with the hashtag 

You can share the post as many times as you'd like before the giveaway ends to gain more entries.
I'd like to get this to the winner before Christmas, so please check on announcement day to see if you are the Blessed recipients of this tutu set, so that I can get your little one's waist size. This tutu set comes in size Newborn - 5T.

Speaking of GIVEAWAY, we are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Live In Color Blog to do a HUGE GIVEAWAY of an adult tutu & beauty products for Valentine's Day! If you like our tutus for kiddos, you will LOVE our adult tutu line: Lady RRNB. The Lady RRNB collection is expanding and will have it's own store soon. For now, the collection can be found in Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows Boutique. This collaboration with Live In Color Blog is so exciting and I am looking forward to it! If you haven't heard of Live In Color Blog, you soon will. With their twitters fan count on the rise and a solid blog following, they offer style and fashion advice weaved into personal stories & experiences. The writers and contributors are AMAZING ladies and you will love their refreshing insight and outlook on life, community and style. Check out their blog and check back to enter the giveaway, which will also be featured on my YouTube channel.
The ladies of Live In Color Blog!
I will also be giving away prizes and 50% off coupon codes weekly on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so make sure you are connected with us to receive updates!
Here is our latest video on YouTube announcing Belles on a Budget, my playlist for beauty advice, tutorials, and product reviews.
Hope that everyone had a great weekend! Tomorrow it's back to the salt mines. In my case that means homeschooling, cleaning and making tutus. A mom's work is never quite done and although it gets frustrating at times, but I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Which mom will you be this week??? 

Frazzled Mom - I can relate
Has it all under control. We truly dislike her... :-D

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Big Christmas Tutu Set Giveaway!!!!

So I promised you another...

Unlike my big share it to win it 1000 fan giveaway that we gave over the summer, this one will be dome through Rafflecopter. 

It's the Holiday season, so I am so excited to be a Blessing to you guys, who have been such a Blessing to Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows Boutique! This beautiful Christmas gift will be fun to give away and a blast to make. 

Also, unlike my summer giveaway, this one begins today and ends on Nov 7th, at 12 midnight. The winner will be chosen and announced immediately and will receive the tutu set (once I get their kiddo's measurements, that is) much sooner.

Interested? So how do you enter, you ask? Just enter via the Rafflecopter box on our blog page (right, sidebar).  
♥Fans ONLY♥ will qualify to win, so please be sure to 
LIKE us on Facebook
FOLLOW us on Twitter.
FOLLOW us on this blog.

RULES: All rules will be to enter via rafflecopter. Entry details are listed there. USA residents only. 
Tutu set must be for sized 4T or under and is up to a $39.99 value.
Ends: November 7, 2013 at 12 a.m. winners will be announced on twitter, blog & our FB page.

In other news, It's Thanksgiving week next week! I'm so excited to make my HUGE feast...for just my family. It's what I do. I love spending time with my family, even though our extended families are spread out over the U.S. Hopefully we'll see some of them for Christmas? Could it be family road trip time again??

Hope that everyone have a Blessed, Prosperous & Beautiful Thanksgiving!!!

…… ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
… … (¸.•´… (¸.•` -`☆´-

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Bee Homeschooler - Home Management Binder!

Check out this great blog for newbie (get the name?) homeschoolers! 
New Bee Homeschooler - Home Management Binder

I use their free printables and they are amazing for creating your own home planner and for homeschool planner organization! :-) 

I am trying to use both of my planners more and it does help with keeping your daily chores, meals, schedules and work on track. Try it and let me know in the comments below what you think. Do you use a planner already? 
Have any great resources for homeschooling or home organization? Let us in on the action, please! 
We'd love to hear from you! 

Have a Blessed Tuesday,
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New Bee Homeschooler - Home Management Binder

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

RRNB News! Giveaway Winners, Lady RRNB & Busy Season

So I am so excited to announce the winners of our 1000 Fan Tutu Set Giveaway! This has been an incredible journey spanning over several months and for the big time sharers, it has paid off! 

And the winners of the 1000 Fan Tutu Set Giveaway are:

1st Place: Annette Matthews who has won a kids tutu set of her choice from my shop! 

2nd Place: Adrienne L. Rudolph who has won a hairbow of her choice from my shop!
3rd Place: Linda Walsh who has won a 50% off coupon code to use on one item in my boutique!
Congrats to all of the winners! Please contact me for more info on obtaining your prizes. Thanks so much to all who entered and shared. You guys are AMAZING! Please keep up with us as we are going to be having giveaways often and a huge Christmas Giveaway starting at the end of this month!

In other news, I have decided to hold off on launching my newest endeavor, LadyRRNB as a separate store. Instead, it will be a new teen/adult line in my boutique. There are already several styles available in store, so come and check out the new look of RRNB's teen/adult section!

My life on the other hand, has become so Mommy-fied, I'm starting to feel a bit Mummified! Homeschooling is coming along great and my kiddo is enjoying his newfound martial arts classes, but the biz had gotten a little overhwhelming for a bit. There were orders flying at me from left and right (which is AWESOME, btw) and I was beginning to feel like I was running on a a sweet little gerbil. I LOVE RRNB, but being a mom/wife & having a huge life outside of the craft room can start to be a lot to handle for any gal during busy season. That coupled with my health issues (diabetes/hyptertension/fibromyalgia), I realized that I am not Super Woman (although we ladies HATE to admit it). 

So now that things are winding down (thank goodness!) and we are in the throes of football season, nearing the end of Halloween orders and wedding season is tapering off, I am finding myself enjoying the finer things in life: Family

My hubby, kiddo and kitties mean so much to me.  Being able to take a little more time to do fun activities with my son has been immeasurable. And just sitting and watching reruns of Angel with my hubby (don't judge) without rushing back to the craft table has been great. But now it's time for me to put on my big girl heels and strut my boutique's stuff. Mini breaks are needed for women in order to breathe and take in all that Christ has Blessed us with. But once we get them, we have to get back out there and show the world what we've got. I look forward to putting my best heel forward and showing my fans/customers what Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows Boutique has in store for them. :-)

God Bless!

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fall, Festivals, Freebies & Fashion: RRNB Style!

Salaam Namaste, Blog Beauties!

So today is Saturday (Yay!) and since I have been a busy mommy lately and have not been posting much (so sorry ya'll!), I have decided to kick-off the weekend with an impromptu happiness-invoker some of us bloggers like to call a GIVEAWAY! In lieu of the upcoming holidays that come along with this amazing season, RRNB has up for grabs a sweet lil' treat: A Halloween Hairbow Headband. I absolutely LOVE the holidays and your little one (or you, maybe?) will enjoy showing this off. 
So here's the deal: RULES
To enter the giveaway you must first:
1. ★Follow our Blog
Visit our Facebook page and:
2. ★Be our Facebook Fan
Find the Weekend Giveaway Post and:
3. ★Share this Photo/Post 
That's it! 
Remember, though, that FB Fans AND Blog Followers ONLY♥ 
will qualify to win, so please be sure to LIKE & FOLLOW before entering. To enter to WIN a this headband, you MUST LIKE & SHARE this photo. Please make sure that when you share, it is public, otherwise I can't see the entry and it won't count. You can share this photo as many times as you like until the giveaway ends, Sunday 10 p.m.ET
All entries will then be tallied by and a winner will be chosen and announced. Thanks so much & happy entering!

That being said, I have some more sweet news! No I'm not preggers (yet) and no I didn't win a million dollars (again...not yet), but I have been working on dolling up my Youtube Channel. Yep...that's it. :-) But this is such great news, ladies, because in addition to my page being more user-friendly, I'm adding some spice to make it NICE. One new gem will be that now you guys can actually meet me, the gal behind the tutus & bows! While I'm not the Queen or anything, I'm pretty cool once you get to know me. That's what I'd like, for you guys to get to know the real me. When I purchase something, especially something for my little one or even for myself, I like to know who I'm buying products from. It makes me feel secure in my purchasing power knowing what a company stands for, believes in, and who they really are. I want my customers to share that same sentiment about Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows Boutique. So Voila!! RRNB Vlogs have been born! :-D

Now I have to admit that I am SUCH a novice at this and I don't pretend to be anything else. I'm learning as I go along and it's important to me that you gives like the content I'm creating, so please feel FREE to leave comments and let me know how I'm doing. 

In addition to the RRNB Vlogs, which will highlight new boutique arrivals, adult & kids look-books  howto/style info, a look into my home-life, homeschooling, the creative process & the like, I've also announced today on our Intsagram that we will be offering trinkets of bargain beauty wisdom by way of mini tutorials and make-up look-books. Being a girl-on-a-budget, I can appreciate the value of inexpensive makeup brands that shine like their pricey contenders when worn (and no one being the wiser). I've been experimenting with various makeup looks since I tried to copy Marilyn Monroe's at the ripe age of 14, and I've been giddily wearing it ever since. So I hope that I can offer sound non-expert advice on what makeup looks to ROCK with those teen/adult tutus you'll be wearing (right?) and that you guys will ♥ it!
Our newest Sweet Sixteen Tutu for Lady RRNB
Another newbie for Lady RRNB, The Rockstar
That's all for now! I've missed blogging and I promise that from now on I will be updating on a weekly basis. Be on the lookout for my second boutique which will be opening soon, Lady RRNB, which will be only Teen/Adult tutus. Please feel free to leave comments and let me know if there is anything that you'd like to see in the shop. Stop by today and check us out! ;-)

Have a Blessed & Fun Weekend,
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Monday, July 8, 2013

Just A Monday Morning Pick Me Up!

Watch "TobyMac - Unstoppable [Lyrics]" on YouTube

Decided to post a short inspirational song for everyone! Mondays can be frustrating, but with Gods all things are possible! :)

Posting a full update later today, so stay tuned & be BLESSED!!!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

RRNB NEWS: Baby Expo & New Boutique Launch!!

Salaam Namaste, Blog Beauties! 

         I hope that everyone is enjoying the first days of summer! The kiddos are out of school and the weather is warming up. Perfect for tutu skirts, big daring hair bows and flirty hair flower clips. 

Weddings are all around and I've got just the tutu gowns for your summer or autumn wedding! 

So what's next for you for the summer? Getaways and family vacas? Comment below as I'd love to know what fun things you guys are up to the sweet season!

I can tell you what RRNB has on it's roster: Our First Baby Fair! We've been invited to join The Medical Center of Plano's Great Expectations Baby Expo this year & we couldn't be happier! This is not only our first fair ever, but it is also our first time getting to get out and showcase our hair & clothing goodies to the public. We're also super-thrilled to get the opportunity to meet some of our customers and fans in person. That is going to be such a Blessing!

I am so excited to have been invited to be apart of this great event!! I encourage all local or visiting mommas to come out and meet n' greet us! I'd love to meet you. :-)

Here are the details: 
I will have lots of my infant and newborn products there for sale:

We are also very excited to bring you some more fabulous news. As we hit the two year mark for our boutique, we're looking to expand our brand. That means opening up a new online store, but this time, it's just for the teens and women. "Lady RRNB" plans to be open for business by July 2013!!! You can expect to see more fun designs for special occasions, holidays, and just everyday wear. :-)

Hope to see some of you at the expo! Until then, God Bless & have a great weekend!
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Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Line of Vintage Inspired Trinket Shabby Chic Antique!

 Hello Blog Beauties! Yes, I've finally given in to my super-feminine side which LOVES all things vintage & Shabby Chic. I figured it was high time that I created some items that reflected who I am.

Just the thought of ruffles, lace & chiffon makes me sigh with joy!
My home is filled with photos of film stars from yesteryear, ornate vintage-esque photo frames, shabby chic furniture pieces and first edition on my bookshelf. The only other place left to express my love for the past (and french country)? My boutique, of course! :-)

There are many more to come than what's in the store now, including: tutus, dresses, hair bow holders and infant shoes.They will be Tres' Chic! Keep checking back to the boutique for updates and new items.

In other news, I've change the homeschool room once again. Going to be posting photos of that soon a well.
AND In the next couple of months, my family will hopefully be moving. Whoo-hoo! We're looking at buying a house now, and although the process has been frustrating, I know that God will Bless the outcome to be Amazing. I'll keep you guys updated on that as well. Once I'm in my new craft room/office in the new house, I will start v-logging, which I'm so excited about. You, my sweet fans, will get an inside view of my world of crafting and  fun look at my zany life., right? :-)

Have a Blessed weekend!!! Happy Saturday & make sure you use coupon code BLOG to get 30% off your order this weekend ONLY.
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Break for RRNB - A Time For Family

Well, gang, Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows is now on VACATION!!! 
Will be back in a couple of weeks!
I'm not going anywhere fun, if that's what your thinking. :-) 
No white sandy beaches or Disneyland for me. Nope, my hiatus is more of a break of sorts. I've had an amazing influx of orders lately (which I'd prayed for, so I'm totally elated), but since the manpower for RRNB, I had to slow things down so that I can play catch up. 
Much like me, playing catch up with orders! :-P
I LOVE my business, but I think that people often forget that behind the biz, there is a person. Most of us Etsians are not just boutique owners, but we are moms, wives, volunteers, pet lovers, homeschoolers, etc. 

Our lives are filled with the same things that other mommas lives are, except that we have businesses to run as well. 

My husband works long hours & I run a business from home, as well as homeschool our 5 year old son, so the time that we have to spend together as a family is precious to me. 
I also adore my customers, who have helped to make RRNB what it is today. With each order I take careful time & consideration when making an item. I always think to myself: 
"If this was going to be for me or for my child, wouldn't I want it to be excellent quality?" or "Wouldn't I want my buying experience to be phenomenal?" 
So that is what I strive to maintain with my boutique. When I get too many orders & still more coming in, fulfilling that commitment gets tested. So I'd rather close our boutique's doors for a short spell to not only get caught up, but to make sure that my standards of excellence are met for my existing customers. That, to me, is what Christ would want. And since I'm a Christian-based boutique, I'm going to always operate out of those values. 
So for now (for maybe a week or two), Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows Boutique will not be taking any new orders. But rest assured, I am so looking forward to re-opening my doors soon. It's wedding season & I have some new designs I'd like to share with you all, too, so stay-tuned! Until then, here are some of my most popular designs...

Since this is Easter weekend, I am already going to several church Easter Festivals & our community one as well, courtesy of my little one. I'm looking forward to egg hunts, pony rides, petting zoos, pics with the Easter bunny, bounce houses and all of the fun that comes along with outdoor celebrations. Easter eggs anyone? :-)
From our family to yours, we wish you a Blessed & Beautiful Easter Holiday Weekend & may the love of God be with you all!


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