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Hi & Welcome To the RRNB Family! 
I'm Chel - Owner/ Designer
Owner of Ruffles Ribbons N Bows & RRNBTots
I am a proud Christian wife & homeschooling mom who lives life by the seat of her pants. My hubby of 10 years, supports everything that I do and our kiddos are our 8-year-old son, Little Stinker, who lives to become a Tazmanian devil, and our five cats (Araina, Caleb, Sherbie, Callie, & Boops) who are determined to destroy my walls with their wonderful scratchy works of art. Besides being a full-time mom, I also own two Etsy Stores online. The parent company & my first "baby" is called Ruffles Ribbons N’ Bows Boutique. We are a Christian-based, lead-free, cruelty free (no feathers, leather, animal skin or fur EVER) accessories and boutique clothing online store. Some our our items we offer include affordable tutu dresses, tutu sets, hair-bows, personalized hair-bow organizers, hats, and more. 

My second  Etsy store is called RRNBTots (named for our RRNB brand) and it is also Christian-based, cruelty-free and lead-free.  RRNBTots offers clothing and accessories for boys AND girls, sizes 3T and under. 

I do not have a little girl yet (everyone asks me if I do), but we plan & hope to have another child in the near future and would love if it were a girl. :-)
At present I am a writer as well. I write period plays, poetry, ezine articles, and am currently writing a new christian children’s book series. I LOVE the power of the pen and since Christ has Blessed me with this gift, I plan to use it to the best of my ability. My other interests/passions include: (of course) crafting beautiful things, home-educating my sweet son, home-decorating, playdates, cooking, learning new languages and about other countries/cultures, volunteering in my church's Children's Ministry, Cat and animal rescue,  reading & collecting vintage 1st editions or original copyright works of my favorite authors, taking in art festivals, perusing museums, attending the theater or just sitting home with the family watching classic films. 
Why Have a A Blog?
This blog was originally birthed for the purpose of letting customers and shoppers in on great deals, giveaways, sales, or the scoop on new items listed in my boutique. After some considerable thought though, I decided that I didn't want to follow the same path that other boutiques have. In life and on social media, I am way more personable than just advertising my business. Being a Christian, I am supposed to show others God's Love through my Life Walk, but how can I do that if (especially online) if my customers don't know anything about me? Hence, this blog was born. My hope is that in letting you see the Mompreneur behind the creations, you will not only feel more comfortable about where you buy your products, but you will also find in me a friend. ;-)
About Dowell Christian Academy
As I mentioned before, we homeschool our 8 year-old son "Little Stinker". In the great state of Texas, when you homeschool, you are considered a private school. My hubby, son & I have decided to name our home education center: Dowell Christian Academy. We are very excited about this new chapter in our lives as we have been homeschooling for several years now. I did home-educate Little Stinker for pre-school, but it was more loosey-goosey & without structure. For those just starting out on the homeschool path, I highly recommend using a simple schedule for your kindergartner and an inexpensive curriculum , courtesy of Confessions of a Homeschooler  (intermixed with other forms of media if you wish). We had a great playgroup when Arden was younger & still are a part of a support group through our local Christian homeschool organization. My most important advice that I can give regarding homeschooling is to get connected with others who have also chosen to ride the same awesome wave in home education that you have. It has done wonders for us! ;-)
My Lil' Homeschooler
This smile has my heart!

Little Stinker & his "BayMax" Creation
Well, that's about it for now, although who knows what I'll add to this section in the future? God is always leading & guiding us to explore new ideas, such as starting a business or even homeschooling, and we never know where He will lead us next. I hope to inspire and Bless you with this blog. I'm just glad that you are joining me on this journey of #MomLife & fashion! 
With Love & Blessings,

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