Friday, April 20, 2012

Custom Orders Rock!

Custom Order Information Sheet
Welcome to Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows Info Sheet on custom orders! If you'd like to request a custom order for a tutu dress, tutu, monogram bow holder, hairbow, flower clip, headband, or hat, but you are not really sure how to go about it, you are in the right place. 
First off, thanks for visiting my shop & considering my items! Make sure you take a look around the entire shop to see if we have anything you need, because we offer an array of items for gals of all ages. 
Secondly, if you'd like to request a custom order for anything, you can click on the request custom item link in my shop or click here
Thirdly, if you know what you'd like to have custom made & would like to know what add-ons we offer to make it extra special, see below.

Custom Order Fee
Custom orders are absolutely FREE! I require no additional charge just because you'd like to customize an item or create one of your own. There are add-on fees, however, depending on what extras you'd like to fully customize your item. 
"Why is there a fee for add-ons?"
"What exactly do the add-on fees cover?"
The add-on fees simply cover the cost of the item being added to your custom creation.  I'm a Work-From-Home-Mom and know what it's like to be on a budget, so I've made my prices affordable. After all, we can be cost effectively cute! :)

Add-Ons are special touches otherwise known as embellishments that make your item pop & give it your personal touch. Below are a list of add-ons offered by RRNB & their prices:

Add an extra Bow to a tutu or hairbow (to make it a double, triple bow or multi-layer bow)      
$ 1.00 ea.

Add a Crochet or Thin Stretchy Headband (if your order doesn't come with one)    
$ 2.00 ea.

Add Lace Ribbon Tails/Streamers (thoughout a tutu or tutu dress)       
{Available in white or ivory only) 
$ 5.00 per tutu
$ 10.00 per tutu Dress

Add a Flower (to request a different flower than what comes with the listing or to add an additional flower to a tutu, tutu dress or hair clip)    
$2.00 ea.

Add a Rhinestone button (to a tutu, tutu dress, flower clip, hairbow, hat, or crib shoes)     $ 1.50 ea.

Add Satin Ribbon Wrapping to a tutu or tutu dress.
$ 3.00 per tutu 
$ 5.00 per tutu dress

Add Ribbon Tails/Streamers to a tutu or tutu dress (non-lace)
$ 4.00 per tutu
$8.00 per tutu dress

Add on a matching hairbow or flowerclip (for beautifuly basic tutus only)
$ 4.00

Don't see an add-on that you'd like or have any questions for me? Click here.
Thanks so much for visiting! I look forward to creating your dream custom item! XOXO

God Bless,

~ Chel - Owner
Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows Boutique