Saturday, June 30, 2012

First Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to Melissa Ginyard for winning a Lavender & Cream Tutu Set in our first Giveaway!!!
Yours will be the first of the style, before it even is available for purchase in my store!
Thanks so much for entering & supporting Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows Boutique!

To all others, we will be having Giveaways once a month from now on! For now, visit my Etsy store at to order a tutu set or any other sweet boutique treat of your own! ;-)

Have a Blessed Weekend!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Coupon Code Alert - Terrific Tuesday! 50% OFF Two Hour Sale!!

Terrific Tuesday! It's not just the beginning of the week. It is AWESOME!
Coupon Code Alert!

Use FAN 50 at checkout to save 50% off of your entire order!
~ Been wanting to order a tutu? Half off!
~ Been wanting a tutu dress, but it's out of your budget? Half off!
~ Want to buy 10 bows for the price of five??? HALF OFF!

Better hurry though. This code is only active for two hours!

5 p.m. EST - 7 p.m. EST

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows Boutique's First Giveaway!!!

Okay so I'm always a bit Tardy For the Party, but I've finally caught up with the times and RRNB Boutique is finally having a GIVEAWAY!!!
I'm so excited because we've never done a giveaway before, but we have such great fans & awesome customers, that I felt it was time to give back. Up for grabs is a FREE Lavender & Cream Tutu Set. The set includes a Lavender & white tutu and a matching hairbow! The set normally would retail for about $28.95, but some Blessed mommy will win it & get it for FREE!! Also, this set has not been featured in my boutique yet, but it will be available for purchase in my Ruffled Truffles Collection only after a winner has been chosen. That way, the winner will have the first lavender & Cream Tutu Set before anyone else does!

You can enter the giveaway at the top of this page. It starts today Sunday, June 24th and ends
Saturday, June 30th 12:01a.m.EST. Looking forward to creating this set for you! :)

In other news, RRNB has recently reached 300 fans on FB!

In celebration of that, I'll be having a 50% off day this week. But you'll have to check back daily on my blog & FB for the coupon code. I'll (quietly) post it on one day this week. Hehe.
:-D Everything in your cart will be 50% off with the code. Good times... :-P

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Going to put my little one to bed (he's an hour overdue) & get the dishes done.


Good night & God Bless,

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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Frosting on the Cake of Life: Kiddos!

OMGosh! It has been quite a while since I've posted anything. I apologize for the hiatus, but life has been pretty hectic around here. Firstly, my little Blessing, Arden, just turned five last month. And you know, fellow mommas, how we get when our little ones turn a year older. We pull out the photo albums & bawl all over our growing kiddo's baby photos. Ahhh, the joys of being a mom. I never knew how difficult the five year mark would be for me. I cried like there was no tomorrow over my son's first-born hospital photos for days before & after his b-day. I just couldn't believe the time had flown past so quickly. My "little stinker" can hold his own now with so many things. Heck, he doesn't even wet the bed anymore!! And YES, I'm so happy about that (no more changing his bed sheets everyday), but that meant that we no longer had to buy overnight training pants (again, a good thing), which meant that my "baby" was <gasp> GROWING UP!!!!

Say it ain't so, Lord, say it ain't so...

Well, I can thank God for Blessing me with a little slice of Heaven on earth and keep on walking, and that is pretty much what I did. But still...the transition from PBS & Nick Jr to Teen Nick had better be a S L O W one, because all this growing up sucks. Yep, I need baby # 2, which we are presently working on. :-)

Oh! I haven't mentioned a thing about our homeschooling plan! Well, some of you may know that my hubby & I have chosen to homeschool our little slugger in the fall. I know that God will give me the wisdom to be not only a patient & understanding mom, but a great teacher as well. I've been pre-homeschooling him for a year now and he absolutely LOVES it! I prayed for that too, when my hubby & I made the decision to move forward with home-education. In fact, we've recently joined a network of homeschoolers (yay!) here in the Frisco area and we look forward to learning with & from them. =)

So, hmmnn, in other news, I did announce a while back that I'm going to be introducing lots of innovative tutus & tutu dresses to my boutique & perhaps, omitting some existing items from the lineup. I LOVE making hairbows & hairbow-holders & the like and will STILL offer them, so no worries on that. I am just moving the boutique in the clothing direction a bit more, specifically with tutus & tutu dresses. They always turn out so pretty (with lots of prayer & help from God), and they inspire me to have that little girl my hubby & I are hoping for. ;-)

So here are some new dresses & tutus that I'm offering lately. And I'd like to thank Little Diamond Models for helping to make all of my items sparkle & shine! I love working with them!!! :-)

PLEASE, please, please if you don't see a theme or color scheme that you would like for anything in my shop, convo me for a custom listing. I will work with you to best create the item you envision.

Side Note: I'm back on the low-carb, low-cal, low-taste (just kidding!) eating plan and I am going for the goal! The last time I tried that, I lost 67 pounds and kept off 62 of them. We're going on a vacation next month for our anniversary (7 sweet years) & I look forward to strutting a healthier version of myself around TX!