Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fall, Festivals, Freebies & Fashion: RRNB Style!

Salaam Namaste, Blog Beauties!

So today is Saturday (Yay!) and since I have been a busy mommy lately and have not been posting much (so sorry ya'll!), I have decided to kick-off the weekend with an impromptu happiness-invoker some of us bloggers like to call a GIVEAWAY! In lieu of the upcoming holidays that come along with this amazing season, RRNB has up for grabs a sweet lil' treat: A Halloween Hairbow Headband. I absolutely LOVE the holidays and your little one (or you, maybe?) will enjoy showing this off. 
So here's the deal: RULES
To enter the giveaway you must first:
1. ★Follow our Blog
Visit our Facebook page and:
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Find the Weekend Giveaway Post and:
3. ★Share this Photo/Post 
That's it! 
Remember, though, that FB Fans AND Blog Followers ONLY♥ 
will qualify to win, so please be sure to LIKE & FOLLOW before entering. To enter to WIN a this headband, you MUST LIKE & SHARE this photo. Please make sure that when you share, it is public, otherwise I can't see the entry and it won't count. You can share this photo as many times as you like until the giveaway ends, Sunday 10 p.m.ET
All entries will then be tallied by and a winner will be chosen and announced. Thanks so much & happy entering!

That being said, I have some more sweet news! No I'm not preggers (yet) and no I didn't win a million dollars (again...not yet), but I have been working on dolling up my Youtube Channel. Yep...that's it. :-) But this is such great news, ladies, because in addition to my page being more user-friendly, I'm adding some spice to make it NICE. One new gem will be that now you guys can actually meet me, the gal behind the tutus & bows! While I'm not the Queen or anything, I'm pretty cool once you get to know me. That's what I'd like, for you guys to get to know the real me. When I purchase something, especially something for my little one or even for myself, I like to know who I'm buying products from. It makes me feel secure in my purchasing power knowing what a company stands for, believes in, and who they really are. I want my customers to share that same sentiment about Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows Boutique. So Voila!! RRNB Vlogs have been born! :-D

Now I have to admit that I am SUCH a novice at this and I don't pretend to be anything else. I'm learning as I go along and it's important to me that you gives like the content I'm creating, so please feel FREE to leave comments and let me know how I'm doing. 

In addition to the RRNB Vlogs, which will highlight new boutique arrivals, adult & kids look-books  howto/style info, a look into my home-life, homeschooling, the creative process & the like, I've also announced today on our Intsagram that we will be offering trinkets of bargain beauty wisdom by way of mini tutorials and make-up look-books. Being a girl-on-a-budget, I can appreciate the value of inexpensive makeup brands that shine like their pricey contenders when worn (and no one being the wiser). I've been experimenting with various makeup looks since I tried to copy Marilyn Monroe's at the ripe age of 14, and I've been giddily wearing it ever since. So I hope that I can offer sound non-expert advice on what makeup looks to ROCK with those teen/adult tutus you'll be wearing (right?) and that you guys will ♥ it!
Our newest Sweet Sixteen Tutu for Lady RRNB
Another newbie for Lady RRNB, The Rockstar
That's all for now! I've missed blogging and I promise that from now on I will be updating on a weekly basis. Be on the lookout for my second boutique which will be opening soon, Lady RRNB, which will be only Teen/Adult tutus. Please feel free to leave comments and let me know if there is anything that you'd like to see in the shop. Stop by today and check us out! ;-)

Have a Blessed & Fun Weekend,
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