Monday, March 7, 2016

Momspiration Monday: Featuring LiveInColorBlog!

Momspiration Monday

#HappyMonday Peeps! Okay, I may have been watching a little too much of my fave YouTube family, Gabe and Babe TV, lately. I love them!
My fave YouTube family! Photo Credit: GabeBabeTV 
So this will be a short, tiny, minuscule post because I am working on my new Etsy store: Carriage House Heiress, and simultaneously homeschooling my kiddo AND getting ready to film for my YouTube Vlog (the acting one, not the RRNB one). I know, I know, even I'M confused! LOL!

Truth! Pic Credit:
So I just wanted to highlight my bestie & sister, Emelda (I call her Meldie), over at Live In Color Blog for Mompspiration Monday!
My beautiful bestie: Emelda De Coteau of Live In Color Blog
Her blog post for today is dead-on what most of us moms experience on a daily basis.
"Why Leaving Our Cell Phones Home Some Days Is A Good Thing"
I giggled as I read it, re-thinking days of my own that were similar to what she was describing. As a busy mom, blogger, entrepreneur, writer and wife, she totally has a great perspective on balancing all of the crazy in our lives. All of her posts are thought-provoking and super-relatable for women and mommies alike.  Head on over to her blog to be inspired!
Her latest post speaks volumes to my spirit right now as I have been feeling digitally inundated with "stuff" lately. The need to hop on social media and post or check what others are posting rules our days! The Struggle is definitely REAL trying to find a good balance. Some times we just need to go "Analog"... like 1995: Tube TVs, pagers, high top sneakers, Nickelodeon and Little Debbie snack cakes, all in that order. :-)
Nevermind, just have a Blessed day!

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