Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hello Lovely You!
Small Handmade Shops that ROCK!
Happy Saturday!  I'm hoping that everyone is enjoying their Sabado with their family and friends. Or perhaps you are getting a mini-break, hiding in the corner of the total library area while your kiddo plays on the library IPad. Okay, maybe that's just me. 😄
I'm carving out a minute or two to blog for #ShopSmallSaturday about some awesomenazing lady makers!

The pic above shows six handmade shops that I am swooning over. I will tell you a bit about them (from left to right):

1) Instagram: WolfandWillow.Art
That gorgeous chunky blanket was made by Candace  of Wolf And Willow Art and I love it! I have two scarves from her shop and I have been sporting them all winter. Soft and plush, her items are perfection!

2) Instagram: MyKindaSpoonin
I am always excited to see another creation from Lisa over at My Kinda Spoonin! She creates the most amazing jewelry from silverware and other metals. This sweet butterfly is just one of my many faves from her collection.

3) Instagram: WizardGlassFusing
Noel never ceases to delight with her ultra colorful, artful pieces of glass jewelry! I love the layers, dimensions and depth to her peices. The large turquoise blue one pictured above is absolutely stunning!

4) Instagram: Lilliemariejewelry
When I first saw one of Brigette's hair jewelry creations, I think I drooled a little.  Okay maybe a LOT. 😊 Her hair jewelry makes any girl feel like a true princess. She also creates gorgeous earrings that remind me of the home-in-my-heart, India. Such beauty!

5) Instagram: Cardsbykristi
Kristi's insta feed always makes me smile! She is literally a paper magician.  No..really, she IS. Her card creations are unique and beautiful Her color combinations and sparkle are why I need one (or two..or ten) of these cards in my life. The one pictured above is just darling!

6) Instagram: TheSoapySituation_Sara
Can you believe that the photo in the bottom left are not actual edible cupcakes??? I'm drooling over them now! Sara creates these decadent soapy treats and they are the epitome of gorgeousness! Her insta feed has pic after pic of deliciously tempting soaps that could fool a goodies momma like me into taking a bite. 😋

That is my #SmallBizSaturday list of faves!
Going to head over a pry my kiddo from the library IPad and go get a bite.

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Okay, now my tummy is growling! 😄😱
Gotta go! Enjoy your weekend!


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