Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Midweek Positivity: Joel Osteen - Living at Rest 2016

Happy Wednesday Ladies!

I just wanted to share a great pick-me-up inspiration from one of my fave pastors, Joel Osteen.

As a mom, aspiring actress, homeschooler, entrepreneur, writer, etc. my life can often seem extremely overwhelming. I have struggled with depression in the past and it can threaten to creep back in when frustration arise. In this message, Pastor Joel is talking about living at Rest and being in Peace, even when life is hectic and challenging. Hope it encourages you as it has me and helps to get you past this "hump day" in victory! :-)

Be Blessed,


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Monday, March 7, 2016

Music Monday: Artist Beckah Shae & Fighting With Faith

Loving this song that my bestie Meldie of LiveInColor Blog just introduced me to! So upbeat and inspirational, so it's perfect for a woman who may have gone a couple of rounds with a challenging day.

I'd had a busy day myself and when I struggled to see the fruits of my labor manifest, I started to get overwhelmed and a bit downtrodden. This song by Beckah Shae came right on time, when I was standing in need of a spiritual pick me up. God truly is on our side and as long as we have him, we WILL be alright! 

Put God first, believe in your goals, stay in prayer, and fight the good fight of Faith because God is still going before you, working everything out. :-)


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Momspiration Monday: Featuring LiveInColorBlog!

Momspiration Monday

#HappyMonday Peeps! Okay, I may have been watching a little too much of my fave YouTube family, Gabe and Babe TV, lately. I love them!
My fave YouTube family! Photo Credit: GabeBabeTV 
So this will be a short, tiny, minuscule post because I am working on my new Etsy store: Carriage House Heiress, and simultaneously homeschooling my kiddo AND getting ready to film for my YouTube Vlog (the acting one, not the RRNB one). I know, I know, even I'M confused! LOL!

Truth! Pic Credit:
So I just wanted to highlight my bestie & sister, Emelda (I call her Meldie), over at Live In Color Blog for Mompspiration Monday!
My beautiful bestie: Emelda De Coteau of Live In Color Blog
Her blog post for today is dead-on what most of us moms experience on a daily basis.
"Why Leaving Our Cell Phones Home Some Days Is A Good Thing"
I giggled as I read it, re-thinking days of my own that were similar to what she was describing. As a busy mom, blogger, entrepreneur, writer and wife, she totally has a great perspective on balancing all of the crazy in our lives. All of her posts are thought-provoking and super-relatable for women and mommies alike.  Head on over to her blog to be inspired!
Her latest post speaks volumes to my spirit right now as I have been feeling digitally inundated with "stuff" lately. The need to hop on social media and post or check what others are posting rules our days! The Struggle is definitely REAL trying to find a good balance. Some times we just need to go "Analog"... like 1995: Tube TVs, pagers, high top sneakers, Nickelodeon and Little Debbie snack cakes, all in that order. :-)
Nevermind, just have a Blessed day!

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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hello Lovely You!
Small Handmade Shops that ROCK!
Happy Saturday!  I'm hoping that everyone is enjoying their Sabado with their family and friends. Or perhaps you are getting a mini-break, hiding in the corner of the total library area while your kiddo plays on the library IPad. Okay, maybe that's just me. 😄
I'm carving out a minute or two to blog for #ShopSmallSaturday about some awesomenazing lady makers!

The pic above shows six handmade shops that I am swooning over. I will tell you a bit about them (from left to right):

1) Instagram: WolfandWillow.Art
That gorgeous chunky blanket was made by Candace  of Wolf And Willow Art and I love it! I have two scarves from her shop and I have been sporting them all winter. Soft and plush, her items are perfection!

2) Instagram: MyKindaSpoonin
I am always excited to see another creation from Lisa over at My Kinda Spoonin! She creates the most amazing jewelry from silverware and other metals. This sweet butterfly is just one of my many faves from her collection.

3) Instagram: WizardGlassFusing
Noel never ceases to delight with her ultra colorful, artful pieces of glass jewelry! I love the layers, dimensions and depth to her peices. The large turquoise blue one pictured above is absolutely stunning!

4) Instagram: Lilliemariejewelry
When I first saw one of Brigette's hair jewelry creations, I think I drooled a little.  Okay maybe a LOT. 😊 Her hair jewelry makes any girl feel like a true princess. She also creates gorgeous earrings that remind me of the home-in-my-heart, India. Such beauty!

5) Instagram: Cardsbykristi
Kristi's insta feed always makes me smile! She is literally a paper magician.  No..really, she IS. Her card creations are unique and beautiful Her color combinations and sparkle are why I need one (or two..or ten) of these cards in my life. The one pictured above is just darling!

6) Instagram: TheSoapySituation_Sara
Can you believe that the photo in the bottom left are not actual edible cupcakes??? I'm drooling over them now! Sara creates these decadent soapy treats and they are the epitome of gorgeousness! Her insta feed has pic after pic of deliciously tempting soaps that could fool a goodies momma like me into taking a bite. 😋

That is my #SmallBizSaturday list of faves!
Going to head over a pry my kiddo from the library IPad and go get a bite.

Oh!! Before I forget, don't leave the blog without entering my #Tutu set #GIVEAWAY going on NOW!

You can enter here (scroll down, in the right column there is a rafflecopter entry box), or on my Facebook Page, under the Giveaways tab:

Okay, now my tummy is growling! 😄😱
Gotta go! Enjoy your weekend!


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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

"Welcome To Spring" Easter GIVEAWAY & Big SALE!

Hello beautiful online family!

So I mentioned this yesterday and today is the day! In light of it being the second day of March and Spring being just around the corner (peeking it's pretty little flowery head out from behind the skirt of Winter), I felt that it was high time for Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows Boutique to give back and throw a Spring Celebration! 

This Giveaway Will Begin TODAY, March 2, 2016

and I will be using Rafflecopter to run this awesomesauce event. I love Rafflecopter because it gives you several different options on entering, so you have more than one chance to win. 

The 1st Place Prize will be a set that includes a Gold and Ivory Tutu Set and matching Satin Flower Headband. (The romper is not included). The sizes available will ONLY be Newborn to 3T. Sorry, but no larger sizes will be made for this giveaway.
 The 2nd Place Prize will be just the Headband shown in Ivory.
I can't wait to create these lovelies for the winners! 

To Enter:
~ Must be a U.S. Resident
~ Must Follow this blog 
~ Must Follow us on Facebook
~ Must Enter Via Rafflecopter

On this page to the right of this post, there is a column of great info. Scroll down to just under the section that says "Homeschool Resources & Blogs I Love" and just under there is a huge Rafflecopter entry box in the right hand column. There is a also a tab on our Facebook page that says GIVEAWAY and you can enter there as well. Follow the promts and voila! 

The giveaway will end Wensday, March 10th, 2016. The winner will be announced Thursday, March 11th. The items will be created and shipped to the winners before or by March 17. 

Why not include a HUGE flash sale with this fantastic giveaway? 
This coupon code will only be shared right here and will only be active TODAY.
Use code: FLASHSALE at checkout to save 20% off orders of $30 or more!! 
Code expires at midnight, so head on over to my shop to get your little cutie some sweet items!

I hope that this sale and giveaway show you ladies how much I truly appreciate you and how excited I am for the coming of Spring. Stay Blessed and have a great day!


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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

BIG BIG Shop Announcements!!

Hey RRNB Family!

Happy March!

The shop is officially reopened!!!

I have so many goodies for you guys this Month!!
NEW Items, more streamlined shop look, and new designs coming this week!
Also, my adult tutus have their own separate shop coming soon on etsy called Carriage House Heiress!!! I'm booking adult and teen models as we speak and getting prepared to make all of the gorgeous designs that I have in my tutu sketch book!

I am soooo excited about the onset of Spring here in Dallas, TX! Although we have been dealing with allergies (yucko, right?), we have also had the pleasure of a pretty mild Winter and recent Spring-like weather. So I have been tempted to pull out my sandals and join my fellow Texans in incorporating Spring colors into my fashion looks.
I have also been revamping some of my Spring/ Summer tutu designs from last year to include some fun pop-colors like gold and silver. I am also going to create a whole vintage/shabby chic collection complete with lots of lace and dreamy tulle colors that remind me of the best of yesterday.

With that being said, some of my best loved Spring color palettes have been tried and true and are still faves among my top customers today. Here are some Spring and Summer-Inspired looks from my Etsy shop, for LookBook sake:

1) Lemonade Tutu Set (with Petti-Romper Option) / 2) Coral Tutu Set / 3) Multi-colored Birthday Tutu Set (PettiRomper Option)

Last, but certainly not least, is my GIVEAWAY that I am having beginning tomorrow morning!
Every Easter I try to give back to you guys, my online family and mom-tribe, by having a giveaway. This year will be totally awesome because I am giving away a beautiful Gold & Ivory Tutu Set, for kids ages newborn to 3T.

So stay tuned and return tomorrow morning to find out how to enter to win!

Love you all! Have a Blessed Tuesday!


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