Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Line of Vintage Inspired Trinket Shabby Chic Antique!

 Hello Blog Beauties! Yes, I've finally given in to my super-feminine side which LOVES all things vintage & Shabby Chic. I figured it was high time that I created some items that reflected who I am.

Just the thought of ruffles, lace & chiffon makes me sigh with joy!
My home is filled with photos of film stars from yesteryear, ornate vintage-esque photo frames, shabby chic furniture pieces and first edition on my bookshelf. The only other place left to express my love for the past (and french country)? My boutique, of course! :-)

There are many more to come than what's in the store now, including: tutus, dresses, hair bow holders and infant shoes.They will be Tres' Chic! Keep checking back to the boutique for updates and new items.

In other news, I've change the homeschool room once again. Going to be posting photos of that soon a well.
AND In the next couple of months, my family will hopefully be moving. Whoo-hoo! We're looking at buying a house now, and although the process has been frustrating, I know that God will Bless the outcome to be Amazing. I'll keep you guys updated on that as well. Once I'm in my new craft room/office in the new house, I will start v-logging, which I'm so excited about. You, my sweet fans, will get an inside view of my world of crafting and  fun look at my zany life., right? :-)

Have a Blessed weekend!!! Happy Saturday & make sure you use coupon code BLOG to get 30% off your order this weekend ONLY.
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