Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Moms Supporting Moms: We CAN be WFH Entrepreneurs AND Moms!

Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to be a wife and mother. And whenever I thought of those things in the past, I always saw myself staying home with my child, investing my time & energy into my precious gift. Being home with my now four-year-old toddler, Arden, allowed me to literally watch him evolve from an infant to a little boy, never missing the important aspects of his preschool years. That was a Blessing that I truly am thankful to God for. Now, as he is approaching the home-schooling age, I'm thinking of what I can do to be a financial help to my hubby who works extremely hard to provide for us, all the while, still staying put where I believe God wants me to be: in my home. How do I do that?", I asked Him. Well, the answer was Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows. 

My BFF told me several months ago before I started this venture to do something that I love. At the time I was drowning in a multi-level-marketing mess and was barely breaking even. My heart was totally devastated at my failure to be successful at a business I believed would be the answer to my extra income woes. When my friend told me that it was clear that I did not like, less known love the MLM business I was in, something clicked inside of me. I realized that she was right. I was miserable trying to keep an obviously sinking ship afloat and my life-vest was losing buoyancy fast. So I prayed for guidance on my next step to take...

A light went off in my head! God had given me the idea! It was so obviously simple too! 

I went about the house, grabbing my sewing and crafting materials together like a madwoman. When I had compiled a weird selection of oddities, I thought "What now, Lord?" 

Well, I brainstormed that evening, came up with a million and one ideas and one of those was what led to the birth of Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows. 

I haven't even touched the surface of completing the jumping off point for staring a Mom-Owned-Business, but I'll get there. It takes the three P's: Passion, Patience, and Prayer, to see it through. I think I've got it covered, and if per chance, I lose my cool, its no sweat. I know that God will see me through the rough patches and get me to my entrepreneurial promised land.

In the meantime, I encourage all moms and women who aspire to any kind of greatness to defintely read two books by Kim Lavine, which are: 'Mommy Manifesto' & 'Mommy Millionaire'. Kim has a rags to riches story of how she turned her kitchen table craft into a million dollar enterprise! She was a SAHM too, whose hubby lost his job and she was forced to find a way to save her family. She did it! And so can we. Check out her site: and do yourself a favor, pick up her books. You will thank me (and her) in the end. =D

P.S. also great for Mom Owned Businesswomen is networking & connecting. 
This group is doing just that. Food for thought. ;-)
Visit for more info.


~ Chel 

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