Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our Blog Is Born! Happy Birthday To Us!

We are shouting from the rooftops the greatest news ever! We have just launched our Etsy Boutique (soon to open its virtual doors in three weeks! And now...(tear drop) our baby has been born: The Boutique's Blog is here today! Whoo-hoo! Yippi! Jeepers! <Jeepers??> Sorry, but my three-year-old's Scooby Doo addiction had to factor in here somewhere. After all, I am a work from home mom. It's only natural that one of my biggest cheerleaders would influence me. You can't see me doing the happy dance <A rendition of the potty-dance> but, I'm doing it. And how! ;-D

So what is Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows all about, you ask? The phenomena that is sweeping Frisco, TX (ok, ok, maybe not sweeping) is my soon-to-open Etsy Boutique of unique hair accessories for babies, kiddos, and even  adults! So yes, you hot mommas out there can match your little ones in hair fashion or as I like to call my creations: Hair candy. I deemed them hair candy because they are just so darn sweet, they are like candy for your hair. 

I LOVE making beautiful things for beautiful people and since I hand-craft & hand-create each of my bows, headbands, flower clips and more, it is extremely rewarding. And when I see someone sporting Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows' hair candy? It makes me smile. Because not only am I a business owner, but I'm a mom. And being able to work from home & be with my toddler is one of the best things about owning RRnB & I cannot wait to see where God takes us!

Thanks for coming on this journey with us! 

~ Chel: Owner - Ruffles Ribbons N Bows =)

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